In Singapore, gifts are usually presented to family, friends, and loved ones during birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations. This is similar to the practice in most other countries. Some of the common gifts that are given are usually items that are utilised at home. These include photo frames, utensils, glassware, keychains, plates, food, and more. However, if you want to be different and make your loved ones remember you even better, why not give them funny gifts for men, women, children, teenagers and elderly people instead? Let’s look at some of the best funny gifts to get for your loved ones.

Mugs and Cups

We begin with mugs and cups that have hilarious words or designs inscribed on them. These mugs and cups will no doubt make anyone happy and improve their day. On top of that, it is very likely that your loved ones will utilise these mugs and cups for their morning coffee or tea. They can make these beverages either in the comforts of their home or in the pantries of their work locations. What’s more, these mugs and cups will leave a sense of gratitude in your loved ones, each time they drink from them and look at the funny designs.

Personalised Shirts

The second funny item you can give your loved ones are personalised shirts with funny words or phrases. Yes, we are aware that shirts are common gifts that have been presented to numerous people on many special occasions in Singapore. However, these shirts are often lifeless, and are made of dull colours and patterns. Funny shirts are different though. With funny shirts, you can give your loved ones the opportunity to decide the type of patterns they prefer. In addition, they will be given the choice of including their names and personalised messages on the shirts. In this way, they will feel satisfied, empowered, and know that they are treasured by you.

Hilarious Cases for Smartphones

Since the world is moving at such a fast pace with the proliferation of digital technology, it comes as no surprise that you can virtually see anyone on the street with a highly priced smartphone today. With their smartphones, people are taking up too much of their time sending text messages on apps like Whatsapp and Viber. In addition, they also use different browsers such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox to browse the internet. And not forgetting, they spent hours playing mobile games on their smartphones as well.

With the flurry of activities being performed on smartphones, it is especially crucial that smartphones are encased in phone covers. This is to prevent and minimise damage, wear and tear, accumulation of dusts, and appearance of multiple scratches.

You will definitely make your loved ones laugh out loud if you give them phone cases with hilarious designs and inscriptions. This is especially true whenever they take out their smartphones to use them, and catch glimpses of the funny designs. By giving the hilarious phone covers, not only will you be able to assist your loved ones in protecting their valuable smartphones, you get to brighten their lives as well.

In a nutshell, funny gifts are alternative gifts you can get for your loved ones during special occasions. If you like to find out more about such gifts, then go to 786.Gifts for the best selections.