People who live and work in Singapore are known to have sweet teeth, and like to indulge in a wide variety of local and international sweet treats and desserts. Some of the local favourite desserts include delectable treats such as ice kacang, chendol and bubble tea. Ice kacang (which means beans in Malay) is made with beans (hence the name of the dish) and grass jelly at the bottom of the plate, which is buried in heaps of crushed ice that is covered with various flavoured coloured syrups, and drizzled with generous amounts of evaporated milk. Chendol also contains crushed ice, but it is filled with coconut milk, gula melaka (unrefined palm sugar), and topped with chendol, which are strands of jelly noodles made from rice flour with edible green colouring. Bubble tea, Singapore’s unofficial favourite comfort dessert, on the other hand, is made of flavoured tea with milk and tapioca pearls, in its most simplest form.

Apart from traditional desserts, locals and foreigners in Singapore are also known to indulge in cakes. Cakes have become increasingly popular during parties like birthdays, anniversaries and corporate functions. Cakes are also presented during weddings, with cake cutting events being the highlight of many wedding ceremonies. Since cakes are presented during different types of occasions, there is a need to customise the cakes according to the theme of the celebration, and the person or persons who will receive them. But where to find the best locations for customised cakes? If you are aching to know more, read on to discover the best locations to get delicious and customised cakes in Singapore.

Prima Deli
Our first stop is Prima Deli, a bakery that was established in 1992, and has expanded into one of the most successful local grown bakeries in Singapore. There are about fifty Prima Deli stores strategically located around Singapore, so it is very hard to miss them. One of the key attractions of Prima Deli is its wide assortment of cakes, that are cleverly categorised into specific groups according to various themes and occasions. They have the all time favourites, which include creamy cakes covered in fruits such as mango and kiwi, chocolate, or special treats. Then they have premium collections such as the durian cake made with D24 grade durians and humongous rainbow cakes for the kids. Their 3D Cakes (made with unicorn and formula one car designs) and cartoon character cakes (with designs of popular animated characters such as Strawberry Shortcake, Pokemon, We Bare bears and Sesame Street) are also popular with the kids. And notwithstanding, they offer heart shaped wedding cakes for the special wedding occasions.

Zee & Elle
Our next stop is Zee & Elle, a homegrown cake shop that specialises in cakes made from local ingredients such as mango and lychee. Apart from that, if you are looking for a customised cake Singapore shop, then look no further than Zee & Elle. They provide premium customised cakes to suit any taste bud and preference. First, you have to select the size of your cake, in other words whether you want a one, two or three tiered cake. Next, select the flavour of your cake, but don’t worry if you prefer many flavours, as you won’t incur additional charges from selecting various flavours. They have over nine flavours to choose from, and two of their best selling flavours include raspberry lemon and double chocolate crunch. Finally, customise your cake design and select your preferred self-collection or delivery options.