With the proliferation of technology and the Government’s rapid expansion into the digital space, Singapore has seen a rapid increase in online shopping over the last decade. Many Singaporeans now prefer to shop for their items, clothes, electronics and more online, and from the convenience of their homes or offices. A particularly essential market that has seen a steep increase in online activity in this year alone, is grocery delivery services. A large number of Singaporeans now prefer to go to ecommerce and online websites to shop for basic household items like rice, noodles, canned food, toiletries, facial care products, detergents and more. As such, if you plan to live and/or work in Singapore, let’s look into some of the best places for groceries shopping and delivery online.

The first online grocery website on our list is Foodpanda.sg. As widely published  on many news sites, Foodpanda is a major food delivery player in Singapore. It recently entered the groceries delivery market through its Pandamart brand in Oct 2019. It even has its own stockpile of goods and offers this groceries delivery service under the Pandanow banner. You can shop for literally over 40,000 products ranging from snacks, drinks, household products, basic medication, health & wellness products, groceries, baby supplies, to even cleaning supplies. What’s more, its pool of riders can deliver your items in less than 25 minutes, once your order is made.

NTUC Fairprice
Our next recommended online store for grocery delivery in Singapore is NTUC Fairprice. NTUC is a household brand name that was founded way back in 1973, to provide daily household needs at affordable prices. Since then, it has expanded from merely one supermarket to a whopping 370 branches under its numerous banners such as Fairprice Xtra, Finest, Cheers and Unity Pharmacy. Today, it serves over 500,000 shoppers a day, and this is only the physical stores. Its online ecomerce platform has an average traffic of more than 700,000 visitors each month, making it one of the most popular grocery delivery services in Singapore. It sells many different types of household products from various distributors, and even sells its own in-house products under the NTUC brand name. Its in-house products are usually produced locally, and cheaper than the ones obtained from distributors. While it may not necessarily deliver the goods on the same day as compared to Foodpanda, it will endeavour to deliver any large grocery orders within the next day.

Hao Mart
The third best place for online grocery shopping in Singapore is Hao mart. Hao mart was established in 2016, and now runs multiple convenience stores and supermarkets in Singapore. Despite being a relatively new player in the retail industry, Hao mart has rapidly expanded over the last 4 years to serve the needs of Singaporeans in over 45 stores in the island. From its initial vision of offering a wide range of products in widely accessible areas in Singapore, Hao mart has now expanded to becoming a fully stacked supermarket offering an extensive range of affordable products, which is comparable to bigger players such as NTUC Fairprice. You can order all kinds of goods from its online store and have them safely to your home in a prompt manner.