A printer is a device that produces hard copies of your work. It can be either an electro mechanical or inkjet printer to generate the desired copy. The printer contains a printhead with small nozzles that spray ink onto paper, fabric, or other material to create the final product. Printers have evolved over the years. They are now a key part of our daily life. These machines are not only for office use but also for home or school use.

The introduction of printers is very important because nowadays, people need to print documents in order to submit them to colleges and universities, government offices, and even banks. We often print important documents such as bank statements and invoices from stores we shop at. There are different types of printers that were introduced by manufacturers in the past few years. So let’s look at some of them so that you can decide on the best printer Malaysia has to offer.

Generic Printers
Generic printers are designed for a wide range of tasks and can be used for pretty much everything: printing, scanning, faxing documents, creating copies and even printing from memory sticks and wireless connectivity. Generic printers are a good option for budget-sensitive businesses. The cost of generic printers are competitively priced for the first time buyer and some can be bought outright or on finance. With the right generic printer, you will be able to save money on your printing costs year-in-year out. Generic printers are available from all major manufacturers, so make sure you know what you need before you buy one.

Color Printers
Color printing is a high-quality printing process that uses four or more colors of ink. Color prints are vibrant and eye-catching, which is why they are so popular for marketing purposes. It’s important to note that color printing usually costs more than black and white printing because it requires more ink and paper.

So, before you buy a color printer, consider how much you will use it in your business and how much color printing you will need for your marketing purposes. If the majority of your needs are in black and white, then buying a black & white printer would be more cost effective.

Portable Office Printers
If you happen to be a mobile worker, you will find that a portable office printer is a life-saver for any problem. A portable printer will allow you to print your documents in the field, without having to carry around a laptop. One of the best things about these printers is that they are usually very compact. You can take one with you in your backpack and not worry about it taking up too much space. Many people love being able to print out their documents where they need them, as opposed to lugging around heavy laptops or desktop printers at all times. It is highly recommended to get these printers for anyone who does their work on the go!

Large Format Printer
Large format printers are a new technology which is used to print images of large sizes. These printers are very popular in the world and can be found at many places such as shopping malls, schools, and even homes. The large format printers themselves vary in size from 18 inches by 24 inches to 36 inches by 48 inches. The more expensive the printer is, the larger it will be.

Many people have their own large format printer that they use to print their own images or photos onto posters for their home. Others may purchase a high-quality poster from a company that produces them. A growing number of people are using this technology because it has become more affordable over time and you don’t need to take up an entire wall with your pictures.