You might think that all the celebrities look fantastic because they have designers helping them out, but that’s not true. Dressing, according to the women smart casual code, isn’t a challenging job. In fact, all it takes is a little bit of the thought process and understanding of the event.

To master the smart casual method, you need to understand its proper meaning. Some people still don’t know what to pick or choose even after explaining this dress code to their friends or shopping partner. Smart casual dress code means dressing informally with a fancy style, by creating a decent yet fashionable look. It’s not hard. You might already own all the clothing articles you need to pull this look, however, it can be a bit intimidating. Let’s look at some ways you can dress in the smart casual way.

How to Dress Smart Casual

Think about wearing a dress
If you want to play a safe choice for a smart casual outfit, then dresses are just perfect. A good dress can look fancier than usual outfits, and the style, material, or fabric of the dress fills the casual element requirement. If you’re going for a professional look, the bottom of your dress should reach to the top of your knees. In addition, a pair of scarf or stylish yet straightforward jewelry will always go well with this type of professional look.

Start figuring out the bottom
To achieve a smart casual look, you need to find a perfect mixture of fashion with respectability. In most cases, the right bottoms can be the first step towards your casual smart look. Dark-colored traditional skirts or a nice pair of dark jeans are the perfect examples for your smart-casual outfit bottoms.

Adding a perfect top in the outfit:
It’s time to balance your look since it’s a casual yet fashionable outfit. You need to add an equalizer; for example, if one piece of the outfit is dressier, the other has to be casual. Add color, accents, prints, etc. on your top to have a good mixture with your jeans or skirt. You can add a button-down shirt as your professional top or any printed collared top to get a classier look.

Adding A Blazer
An excellent blazer addition to your outfit ultimately elevates your look. It makes your professional outfit look classier and stylish at the same time. A perfect blazer is always tailored according to your measurements and gives a more put-together look. For example, a black or navy blue blazer can look perfect if you try to make a professional outfit. Many stylists believe that a layered look like a blazer, paired with dark denim with a pair of heels or booties can look smart and casual.

Suitable jewelry
Simple yet stylish jewelry can always elevate your style and smart casual look. A statement necklace can always go with a simple or more casual dress. A simple watch with a slightly bigger face can also work as a great piece of jewelry or accessory. You can always play with the jewelry’s colors by keeping your outfit’s style and tone in mind.