As a Muslim traveller and if you are traveling to foreign countries like Singapore and Bangkok for a vacation, you’ll probably be constantly asking yourself questions, like where are some of the best halal food in Singapore or most sumptuous food that are halal near me? In addition, you may also ask where are some of the mosques or Muslim friendly hotels like halal hotel in bangkok you can stay in while on holiday. So, continue to read further if you will like to know more about some of the most exciting attractions when you go for Muslim holidays.

Singapore is located just across the border from another Muslim country, Malaysia and is made up of people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Despite this, Singapore is a very Muslim friendly country with numerous mosques, halal eateries and even Muslim friendly hotels located across the entire island.

If you are looking for accommodation and halal food, then you need to check out these two highly recommended hotels – Royal Plaza on Scotts and the Grand Hyatt, both located across each other at Orchard Road. The Carousel restaurant in Royal Plaza on Scotts, is also considered one of the best halal buffet Singapore has to offer. Then there is another one of the best halal restaurants in Singapore, Straits Kitchen located within the Grand Hyatt.

If you would like to look for value for money halal eateries instead, then you should visit places like Arab Street, Golden Mile Food Centre and Geylang. These places serve up some of the most delicious local Malay, Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian dishes you can possibly find in Singapore while not costing you a bomb.

If you are looking for mosques in Singapore, there is also no shortage of that. There are numerous mosques, with the most famous one being the Sultan Mosque located along North Bridge Road, and incidentally is very close to Arab Street and the Golden Mile Food Centre. Other notable mosques include the Al Falah and Bencoolen Mosques in Orchard, and scores of many others around the country.

Our next stop is London. Despite having a predominantly non-Muslim population, London is actually home to many halal hotels, eateries and mosques. If you are looking for some of the best halal restaurants in London in a Muslim friendly hotel, then look no further than the Westbridge Restaurant, which is located conveniently within the premises of the Westbridge Hotel. And if you will like to savour American staples which are halal certified, then Tinseltown in Bayswater is definitely the place for you.

New York
Our final stop is New York. New York is of course known for Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty and a city for high end fashion boutiques. But did you know that there are actually mosques in New York such as the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque located near Astor on the Park Hotel? In addition, there is also one of the best halal restaurants in New York, halal guys New York, with chains located all over the world.

We hope we have enlightened you on some of the best places you can find Muslim friendly and halal food and accommodation in Singapore, London and New York. But if you are still craving more information on where to locate and book these places, then visit now.