South Korea has been one of the top countries that can provide quality plastic surgeons. Over the years, Korean plastic surgery has gained its popularity. South Korea is considered to be the “plastic surgery capital” of the world because of the number of surgeries that they perform each year. Korean beauty as a standard is also gaining attention in the world. Which is why, there is a growing number of foreign clients for plastic surgery in South Korea. These foreigners are flying over to South Korea to have their cosmetic surgery.

There is no fixed cost for any plastic procedure in South Korea. Depending on the type of procedure, korea plastic surgery cost ranges from 2000 usd to 8000 usd approximately. And these prices are only for the standard procedure, prices might go higher if the procedures are done with other procedures. Basically the computation of the cost will depend on how complicated the procedure is, how many procedures, what kind of procedure and how extensive. It will also depend on who is the doctor the will do your procedure. Of course, the more popular the doctor is, the higher the professional fee is.

Is Plastic Surgery cheaper in South Korea?
Just in Seoul alone, there are around 600 clinics for plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is very embedded within Koreans that there is a high market for plastic surgery just from their country alone. However, if you are a foreigner, is it really cheaper for you if you will have your procedure done in Korea?

If we are comparing it with the clinics in America, you can save from 40 to 80 per cent of the cost if you will have your procedure done in Korea. Especially if these are routine cosmetic enhancements procedure, you can get this a lot cheaper comparing to USA. Just to give you a good picture of the difference in prices. A rhinoplasty in South Korea would cost around 3,600 USD. The same procedure but done in US would cost you around 5,400 USD.

Why is it good to have it in Korea?
Aside from being cheaper, and there are many clinics to choose from, you can expect expertise from their surgeons. Koreans are very much into enhancements of aesthetics that you can expect them to be very good in what they do. Aside from that, since there are so many of them in the country, competition is very visible so you can expect an exceptional service from them. But always do your due diligence when it comes to these things, as it involves surgery in your body. Always search for legitimate clinics that performs surgery. Remember that not all cheap services are good. Sometimes it is better to get the service from those who have established their name in the field. They might be more expensive than the others, but you can expect a quality service from them. Especially for this that you are doing improvements on your body.