Do you feel a tad envious every time you see all those models in magazines and on the runways perfectly pulling off their outfits? When you are on the petite end of the height spectrum, shopping for clothes is easier said than done. Maxi dresses turn into semi-long gowns for you and you simply cannot find the right length of pants that won’t require cuffing. Alterations are often your last resort if you really want an outfit that is not meant for your size.
However, all hope is not lost. There are several quick and easy tips you can use to help you find better fitting clothes for your petite frame.

Shopping for Dresses for Petite Ladies
When looking for dresses or abaya for sale, go for one that highlights your waistline with a more tailored fit. This will wear and look better on your body. Ruffle or flounce hems can also be your best friends. Just make sure you stay away from boxy shapes unless you will add a belt that emphasizes your frame.

As for the length, it is ideal to wear one that cuts right off above your length. But, you can also pull off the midi length. Make sure that the dress cuts a bit above the middle of your calf then pair it with your favorite hells to achieve a flattering result. You can also opt for maxi dresses since one piece, specifically in monochromatic or solid color, can make you look taller than your actual height.

Shopping for Tops if You’re Petite
One of the main goals of petite ladies when dressing up is to elongate your legs and body even if it is only through a styling illusion. This is where necklines play a big role. Deeper cuts and lower necklines can make you seem taller.

It is also important that you pay close attention to the area where tops cut off. For instance, you can wear your high-waist pants with crop tops cutting off the smallest area of your waist. This can make your legs look longer while still giving you some shape. Long tunic tops will only chop off your legs that can further emphasize your short height.

Shopping for Bottoms Fit for Petite
High-waist denims, trousers, skirts, or shorts also create an illusion of height as these can define your waist. Pair them with heels and your legs will look like they are miles long.

The loose fit of wide leg trousers can create a long vertical line. It would also be great to choose long flared pants especially when you want to add length with a denim piece. If you need tol wear prints, small checkers and vertical stripes can draw eyes both up and down.

For petite women, hemlines coming right above the knees tend to work best. But, when wearing midi pieces, again, don’t forget to ensure that the hem falls a bit below your knee instead of above your ankles.

Who says shopping for clothes is hard if you are petite? Remember these tips and pull off your outfits in a way that will give models a run for their money!