Increase in Private Tuition in Singapore
Education is an important part of human life. It provides us with knowledge and skills that will be necessary for a successful life. The education system in Singapore is designed to cater to everyone’s needs. However, the intense competition amongst students for spots in schools with a good reputation is driving the need for private tuition. With a large number of students vying for limited slots, many parents feel that they have no choice but to invest in private tuition so their child can excel.

Over the years, the rates of private tuition have been increasing steadily. The cost of private tuition can be quite high; some parents have to spend as much as $2400 per year on it for each of their children. As such, it is prudent that parents select only the best private tutors for their children. Here are some of the top qualities a great private tutor in Singapore should have.

Educated in the Student’s Subject(s) of Study
Private tutors are hired by parents to provide an alternative form of education for their children. Private tutors are usually hired by parents with children that want to supplement their child’s education.

Most private tutors are specialized in a single subject or type of subject. This is because they typically have the most experience teaching and handling one specific subject. Private tutors that teach more than one subject typically have a background and/or degree in both subjects, which is why they are able to teach more than one.

Understand the Student’s Learning Style and Preferences
A tutor’s job is to help students learn and improve in a private setting. In order to do this, the tutor must understand their student’s learning style and preferences. A good tutor will be able to see if a student can’t grasp material because of their learning style. For example, if the student is having problems with math, the tutor should find out what type of math they are struggling with and find out what would help them best learn that type of math. A private tutor should also make sure that they understand their student’s preferences for activities and teaching methods. This will allow them to teach the way the student prefers so they are more engaged in learning by doing something they enjoy.

Willing to Commit Regular Hours for Lessons or Weekly Time Slot
The responsibility of the tutors is to teach students in a one-on-one format and make sure they are on track with their academic goals at all times. Private tutoring positions are typically on a per hour basis, but can also be hourly or weekly. A private tutor must be willing to commit regular hours for lessons or weekly time slots. If a tutor is not willing to commit to regular hours, it will be difficult for them to create a strong bond with their students.

When looking for a tutor, make sure that they are willing to commit to the same day and time each week. This will help them develop a better understanding of what your children need in order to continue their learning, and make sure that they are able to provide that.

Professionalism and Respectful Behavior Toward the Student and Parent
Professionalism is key to being a tutor. A tutor must have respect for not only the student, but the child’s parents as well. It is important for the tutor to be respectful of their time and their home, as well as the student’s school schedule. Private tutors must be professional and respectful. The tutor must be able to work with parents, and the student. They must have a set of guidelines to follow when interacting with these groups of people.

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