If you are someone who is serious about personal development and achieving success, then you have probably I learnt how to write your goal statements. Goal statements are sentences resembling a mission statement that pledges you to go and achieve your goal, along the lines of: “I, YOUR NAME, WILL DO, HAVE OR ACHIEVE SO AND SO A TARGET BY (e.g.) DECEMBER 25th, 2021.” These should not be confused with your Treasure Maps, which are the more extended and more sensory-based versions of your goal definitions.

You would  probably have quite a number of such sub-goal statements, according to the respective milestones from which your bigger goal consists of. Devote 5 days for each of your sub-goals, and write your goal statement for that, 5 times (or more) every night, right before your bedtime, diligently, consistently, rigorously and unflinchingly. The last 4 words were meant to emphasise the seriousness with which you shall undertake this task. If you wish to write more than 5 times, by all means do so, but I would recommend a number which is a multiple of 5 (like 10, 15, 20, 100 – highly recommended!).

During those 5 days you’re devoting for each sub-goal of your Ultimate Goal, in the morning, right after bedtime, write at least 5 to 10 actions you will (must) do that day in order to get closer to the achievement of your goal. Every one of the 5 to 10 actions you’re going to do for that day MUST be written 5 to 10 times each (that would translate into 25 to 100 sentences, so keep them brief). Same adverbs go: diligently, consistently, rigorously and unflinchingly. Why the rigorousness? This compels you to actually take action, do something towards attaining your set objectives. Your hand would get so tired from the writing that you’d eventually say to yourself: “That’s it! Fine! I’ll just go & do it!”

Once you’re done doing all you need to do for the particular sub-goal for 5 days, move on to the next, sub-goal, and so on. Remember to devote 5 days, no more, no less, to each and every sub-goal that you’ve de- fined, until you achieve all of them and get closer to your Ultimate goal.